Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello world!

Hello everybody!

This is, as you might see, a new blog. My goal for this blog is to mainly talk about games, and technology, and sometimes even more!

But first it's time for a little introduction...
My name is Erik, and I love to play games. All kinds of games, from the simplest games like minecraft, to the graphic-killers like Crysis 2. I play all of them! Only on the PC though, since I don't own a Xbox, PS3 or another console..
But that's not all, I'm also a huge technology freak. Mobile phones, applications, and more! So I'll be doing little reviews of those things too!

As conclusion I'd like to say that I'm very excited to make a great blog! And I hope you guys like my content! What sort of content do you guys like the most?!


  1. sounds like a good start. Don't go too crazy with the minecraft builds (there are whole blogs of that already).

  2. Looking forward to your future posts. Good luck. You just got yourself a follower : )

  3. Heh, love the Hello World reference

  4. looking forward, following now :)

  5. Looking forward to your blogs

    Btw, It's a shame you don't have a console, I personally own a 360 and i love it.

    + Followed (:

  6. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Hope to see some great stuff from you!

  7. Looking forward to seeing more, following! I'm a PS3/PC guy myself.

  8. followed, looking forward for your posts